... because every drop is real; fresh, ripe berries from the Pacific NW, and fresh ginger root from California.

Our sodas scream bright and lively with goodness. To the natural fruit we add sparkling water and just enough cane sugar to balance the acid of the fruit, never over-sweet, plus a touch of lemon juice. Our sodas have silky soft bubbles and light effervescence, the magnificent fruit is what you taste, its all-natural velvety texture is what you feel. Never the over aggressive carbonation that’s common in most sodas. We make the soda in the Columbia Gorge, where we fully pasteurize, ensuring a shelf stable product.

Put a little chill on it and enjoy. May we suggest: cocktails, ice cream floats, to sweeten tea, and many more ways of wonderful. 

HOTLIPS Ginger Soda

This soda is rich with the bright clean flavor of fresh ginger root. Treat yourself to a taste blast any time - perfect for every day or hot nights. Enjoy straight up, with ice cream, incredible as a mixer or with a splash of tea. Deliciously spicy and refreshing, every sip of HOTLIPS Ginger Ale balances the natural flavor of organic ginger with soft smooth bubbles.

HOTLIPS Raspberry Soda

This soda is jam-packed with the bright, juicy flavor of fresh, ripe raspberries grown in the Pacific Northwest. Treat yourself to a blast of sweet, sun-rich fruit any time... and in so many ways: straight up, with ice cream, incredible as a mixer or with a splash of tea. Every deliciously refreshing sip of HOTLIPS Raspberry Soda balances the nuances of natural berry flavor with soft smooth bubbles.

HOTLIPS Marionberry Soda

Every deliciously refreshing sip of HOTLIPS begins with a flavor blast - fresh summer berries picked at peak ripeness in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy this soda beautifully simple in a glass, poured over ice cream, mixed in a million cocktails or with a splash of tea. Tart and sweet, full of complex flavor, our all-natural marionberry jazzes your taste buds with soft, smooth bubbles.

HOTLIPS Soda Ginger Ale Can Portland Oregon


After 15 years in the heritage bottle we switched in 2018 to a very pretty, shiny, light-weight can. Though it took us a while, there are many advantages to the change: easier to carry and ship, easier for our retailers to sell in 4-packs, accessible where glass is prohibited and of course a few pennies saved in production resulting in retail price staying lower.

Importantly, our fans are saying they like the flavor better! Yay! 


What hasn’t changed is it’s the same handcrafted real fruit soda made since 2003. Still small batch. Still a unique Pacific Northwest treat, a Portland original.

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The HOTLIPS Soda journey so far including limited release bottles (yes that's a Japanese collaboration bottle!)

Nutritional Information

Red Raspberry Ingredients:

Sparkling water, raspberry juice from concentrate, cane sugar, lemon juice. 29% Fruit

Marionberry Ingredients:

Sparkling water, marionberry juice from concentrate, cane sugar, lemon juice. 15% Fruit

Ginger Ale Ingredients:

Sparkling water, organic ginger, cane sugar, lemon juice. 5% Root Pulp