A note on 3rd Party Delivery Services

HOTLIPS currently works with GrubHub and Caviar as our 3rd party delivery partners. We hope these services are helping our friends outside of our delivery zones get their HOTLIPS hungers satisfied.

That said, we strongly encourage customers to use our own delivery service for a number of reasons:

  • Most importantly, when we are given the chance to speak directly with you, our customer, we are so much better able to offer you the full plate of menu options, discuss amounts and seasonal variety with you, accommodate any special requests, and respond to last minute changes of all kinds.
  • We carefully train our drivers in all aspects of safety, customer service and product handling, ensuring your order gets to you on time and in tip-top shape.
  • Our drivers are always equipped with appropriate pizza and ice cream bags (as well as extras such as parm + pepper packets, napkins, plates, salad forks and to go menus - all available upon request).
  • We support our staff by providing well maintained and fully insured vehicles. This is unusual in the delivery business, where most drivers use their own cars with varying amounts of coverage.
  • We have a long history of purchasing low impact and alternative fuel vehicles (our SE Hawthorne location is 100% electric), and maintain them to last a long time. This is a conscious decision to contribute to safer Portland streets and minimize impact on the environment.
Adam Swoboda