HOTLIPS Pizza turns 35!

HOTLIPS Pizza has been family-owned, woman-owned, sustainability conscious and slingin’ slices in Portland since 1984.

For 35 years HOTLIPS has woven itself into the fabric of Portland by offering delicious, handcrafted slices at our shops, all the while weighing the social, environmental and economic considerations of every decision made.

HOTLIPS champions sustainable practices and focuses on sourcing from local farmers and suppliers. It donates to hundreds of charities, schools and nonprofits annually. It continues to support and develop strong ties with the Portland arts and environmental communities. It supports and stands by those fighting for a multicultural and equality-focused Portland, including the LGBTQ and immigrant communities. It currently provides for a diverse team of over 160 wonderful workers across its six locations, HOTLIPS Soda brand and central kitchen.

The HOTLIPS menu continues to proudly feature house-made delights. Hand-cut fresh pineapple, basil pesto, garlic parmesan sauce, jalapeño hot sauce, cookies, farm-fresh salads, meatballs and its now legendary ranch dressing are all products made daily in the HOTLIPS Commissary.

HOTLIPS is dedicated to serving Portland and contributing to a strong, creative, nurturing community that will carry us into the next 35 years.

Co-Owners David Yudkin and Jeana Edelman wish to take this opportunity to thank customers and loyal HOTLIPS fans for being a part of this amazing journey!

Adam Swoboda