Our Mission + Values

Our mission is to preserve culture and celebrate humanity through our rich culinary traditions and by joining with others in finding new, sustainable ways of doing business. 



Serving the best pizza in town, be that a quick slice on the run or a beautiful pie shared with family or friends (or all for you!). We make the finest, most unique real fruit soda in the world, proven time and again.  

We are: Local, Seasonal, Handcrafted.
We are: No filler + no small print - anywhere.
We are transparent about all ingredients and processes.

Please, just ask any question you have. We are thrilled you’re curious!

Each pizza, salad, cookie, glass of soda celebrates our respect for fresh food, expressed through our thoughtful sourcing, handling and presentation.



In a way that deeply satisfies each customer, earning great loyalty. In a way each staff member is contented by a job well done. We make a “YES” environment for our customers and ourselves; bringing people together with our delicious handcrafted offerings.



The ethic of paying attention to more than just the financial bottom line, managing the business with an eye towards the future, we take into account the “triple bottom line” –  social, environmental and economic considerations weigh in on every decision we make. We’ve been at this since 1984, and we’re dedicated to a creative, nurturing, strong community to carry us into the next 30 years.



Pleasure, culture, rigor, beauty and responsibility. These are the words that tower over us as we work. They represent the ethics we live by.

While treading lightly on the earth and engaging our community in a meaningful way, over and over again; people depend on us to make the right choices and to stay informed. Each decision we make, we make with an eye toward our customers, our employees, the community, the environment and our overall profitability. We value keeping our dollars local, working with family farmers and doing our part to take care of the environment.



The exuberance of the Pacific Northwest harvest, grown and delivered to our central kitchen by farmer folks we’ve worked with for years.

We change up the pies according to what’s ripening in their fields. At HOTLIPS we are inspired by the incredible fresh bounty, the shifting flavors as seasons change. Our pizzas and real fruit sodas allow us to share this treasure with others, spreading happiness. This is our passion. 

Our community – inside HOTLIPS (we have 160!) and all around us in neighborhoods and our beautiful city, Portland, Oregon.

We work everyday as we have worked for over 34 years – to make a better company, be a better employer, make the best food from the best ingredients, provide exemplary service, and be the best neighbors and citizens that we can be. This is what pushes us forward day after day. And by the way, we have industry busting retention numbers – lots of people love being part of HOTLIPS in no small part because of the way we do things, the way we contribute to community and how we teach and share knowledge.